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Good Organic Retailing Practice

The E-Learning course for management and staff.

Training concept for manager and staff

This project is based on former activities and on the Leonardo da Vinci Partnership Project „Concept of Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice“ carried out from 2011 to 2013. Institutions and enterprises of the organic trade branch from five European countries developed a first draft of a training concept for managers and staff. The Transnational Strategic Partnership aims to develop a European „Code of Good Organic Retailing Practice“ and an e-learning course, which will provide managers and staff of organic retailers with training to implement the Code’s principles in daily business practice.

Target groups

Many people in the organic and conventional food sector can profit from the activities and offers based on the projects results. They will find adequate training offers for a higher quality of skills, knowledge and competences of the retail staff as well as an improved ethical image of the whole business sector.

These include:

The e-learning platform

A training tool to cover all relevant aspects of ethical retail practice will help the staff and manager to meet the coming requirements of the EU and assist in introducing a comprehensive approach towards retailing ethics in daily business practice. In this sector the idea of ethical principles for business becomes more and more relevant and activities in this area are increasing. The project will result in: